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Seamus Slater
6 min readFeb 19, 2022
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There is a lot of free writing software available online, but you want writing tools tailored to you and your writing process and style.

When it comes to online writing tools, I always start with the free edition to confirm that the app accomplishes what I need it to do.

Most of the time, a free app will suffice. But, if it’s a terrific tool, I’ll pay for the premium version to obtain access to all of its capabilities.

It makes no difference if you are an author, a blogger, or an article writer. However, choosing the most excellent writing tools will save you time, effort, and a lot of money.

Students will benefit much from free apps and writing software. In addition, they will be of use to you at school, college, or university.

Here are some of the top free and freemium applications for writers of all types for you to choose from.

Examine my list of the most excellent free writing tools and apps below. See if you can uncover some new favourites to save on your laptop or utilise online.

I earn my money elsewhere, so if there is anything that you would like to try, ask uncle Google. You can’t go wrong there.

The right choice

The most important writing tool you should always have is a reliable grammar corrector and spellchecker.

Numerous internet programmes are available to help you check, fix, and enhance your writing.

The possibilities for each writer will range depending on their writing style and needs. Therefore, there is no single best or better option.

Some writers may simply be only essential online proofreaders for blog posts, articles, or essays.

However, it is not the case for a content writer or author. You’re most likely seeking more advanced programmes and alternatives.

In my instance, I always double-check my writing with two applications.



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