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Seamus Slater
4 min readMar 10, 2022
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There are a plethora of aspects to writing. Imagine if all you had to do was write. That would be fantastic.

However, we are all aware that a writer’s life is filled with several tasks and distractions.

You must be well-organized in order to be able to write. Simply gathering and organizing your thoughts consumes a significant amount of time throughout your day. Then there’s your to-do list, which is likely to be accompanied by a long list of remarkable things.

It would be fantastic if a writer’s app provided all-in-one assistance. But, in the meantime, here is a list of some of the finest productivity apps for writers to tide you over till that day comes.

Hopefully, some of them will assist you in staying organized and save you a little time that you can devote to your writing projects.

1. Freemind

The following software download is recommended for those who want to use mind maps to build storey ideas.

Numerous authors utilize mind map applications to assist them in writing a book by helping them keep their ideas connected and logical.

Freemind is a Java-based mind-mapping application that is free to use.

It is compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

Among its many features are location-based mind mapping, collaboration tools, recover sessions, and other valuable functions.

2. Diffchecker

Do you ever get yourself into a tangle while you’re working on several different versions of a text?

What and when did you make the decision to make a change? Is it practically impossible to keep track of every edit you’ve performed?

With DiffChecker, it’s simple to compare two copies of a text and identify the differences between the two versions of the text.

However, in order to save your modifications (Diffs), you will need to create an account to log in. It is…



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