Understanding Your Working Memory

Seamus Slater
3 min readSep 4, 2021

What Is Working Memory?

Everyone has a Working Memory. It is a temporary storage of information that we are working on, but not only that.

It is like a central computer and can analyse, break down, build up, mix, and shuffle all the information to make decisions and navigate our lives. Working memory supports and maintains our learning, thinking and planning, allowing us to make a decision.

Baddeley’s Model Of Working Memory

British psychiatrist Alan Baddeley has introduced Baddeley’s Model Of Working Memory. His model divides working memory into four components. All of which are equally important, and if you fail with one of them, you will end up confused and will not be able to make any rational decision.


Central Executive

The first of components is Central Executive, a supervisory system that controls cognitive processes. It sharpens our focus, enables our short-term memory to work with our long-term memory. It also keeps short-term memory in check if it goes wild and restrains distractions.

Central Executive works with two main systems, Phonological Loop for verbal information and Visuospatial Sketchpad for visual details.

I want to stress that recent research on executive functions suggests that Central Executive is not as central as previously believed. It looks like there are separate executive functions that can be shut down or spared by brain damage.

Central Executive functions are:

  • selective attention
  • suppressing automatic or dominant responses
  • slave systems coordination
  • shifting between retrieval strategies or tasks
  • collecting the information from different sources and combining them into understandable episodes
  • coding and updating incoming information
  • replacing outdated, old information

Phonological Loop

A Phonological Loop, also known as Articulatory Loop, deals with sounds and phonological information. Two components are playing the primary…



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