Rotten Apple

Seamus Slater
4 min readOct 24, 2021

We all got used to the might of Google, and although some of us are using it, some of us decided to get stuck in times of early smartphone development. Yes, indeed, I’m talking about Apple vs Google endless war. Now, before we move on to the boring bit, let’s look at what is Apple up against and how well it can stand its ground.

Google has gone with open projects, and in essence, their customers have complete control over their devices. So we can choose what our Home screen will look like, how it will feel and what we will have on a particular screen. We can add or change widgets wherever we want, we pick our favourite icon pack and most importantly, we choose the software to adapt our User Interface individually, giving us an unlimited number of optimisation options.
With Google’s Android, we can do everything we want and make it run as we want it. We can sideload any app we want and stream anything we wish, one way or another.

Unfortunately, Android has got its drawbacks. Fragmentation is the biggest one of them. Because Android OS is available on more than one brand of smartphone manufacturers, there are discrepancies with the system update provision. Updates are not distributed evenly between the manufacturers, and while some products will have a few years of updates guaranteed, others are not as good.
Many devices will get a year worth of updates and will become unsupported in a relatively short time. Unfortunately, this sort of thing does not happen in the Apple ecosystem.

Apple decided to bet on quality. It is a well-known fact that Apple products simply work. So unlike Android, where Android is getting better and better at it, IOS works nearly perfectly well. As a result, there seems to be a significant gap between Android devices and Apple products, with Apple’s superiority, although Android is closing the gap with every single new release.

Products made by Apple make you feel posh, but only for a short period. After the excitement of having a new device cool off, you will notice one most annoying thing about Apple. The User Interface looks precisely the same as it did when the first iPhone came…

Seamus Slater

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