Facebook Ads used to be the best, affordable tool to promote your business. Still, today they are overpriced and not as good as they used to be due to apparent reasons like spam overload and limited trust in the advertisers on Facebook.
I firmly believe that Facebook is the worst thing happening to humanity today, right after the sea damage. Still, I can not deny that it is an excellent source of quality, organic and targeted traffic. The only thing is to use it wisely.

You see, there is no need to pay for Facebook Ads today because they are…

I have said an awful lot about Facebook, Messenger and WhatsApp. I’m always like; Yeah, get rid of Messenger and WhatsApp, and get yourself the Signal app. Except that Signal does not collect data and that your messages are encrypted, I haven’t said much more about it, so here we are with this short review.

What is Signal, and who’s cashing on it?

In straightforward language, Signal is a simple messaging app with end to end encryption at all times. In short, Signal is the app that WhatsApp was intended to be, and was until Facebook takeover.

Signal is one…

Just as I mentioned before in “Facebook - your wonderful, dirty friend”, Facebook owns WhatsApp, and therefore Facebook moderators can read, moderate or report every message you send. Yeah, but my WhatsApp messages are end to end encrypted, you could think. So how, would you ask, could they possibly do it?

Hard, Dirty Truth

The truth is, Facebook goofs are thinking they are it and mistaking their identities. You see, the problem is with the massive ego of organisations like Facebook. Yes, Zuckerberg and Co.
They have built social media platforms and trying to control what’s right or what’s wrong. They will restrict your…

What Is Working Memory?

Everyone has a Working Memory. It is a temporary storage of information that we are working on, but not only that.

It is like a central computer and can analyse, break down, build up, mix, and shuffle all the information to make decisions and navigate our lives. Working memory supports and maintains our learning, thinking and planning, allowing us to make a decision.

Baddeley’s Model Of Working Memory

British psychiatrist Alan Baddeley has introduced Baddeley’s Model Of Working Memory. His model divides working memory into four components. …

Facebook Can Do Good

If you ever read any of my previous articles, you could think that I hate Facebook. You would be right to feel like this, but let me tell you this myself:

I hate Facebook with passion! I have a literal allergy to everything Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram or Messenger. Of course, I have excellent reasons for those feelings, but I am not blind to good things coming out of this evil corporation. Please note that it is not the case of “the ends justify the means”.

5 Good Things About Facebook

1. Contact with friends and family, regardless of the distance between them.

You can get in touch with the most extensive number of members out of all…

Scandal Machine

Facebook became an excellent profit machine, advertising platform and much, much more to the extent that it is tough to follow what is going on around us while using Facebook and its services. Even outside the app, when it tracks every move you make until you stop it.

Most of us will admit that we are using Facebook daily and not caring too much about tracking and privacy issues.

There is more we easily give a miss. How about the fact that the public blamed Facebook for allowing the spread of fake news about Rohingya Muslims who are being the…

Why should you stop Facebook from selling your data?

Facebook is a delightful and well-executed platform that can become a bad habit hard to break up with in the future. We love those emotions coming with scrolling that silky smooth glass panel and seeing all high definition multi-coloured pictures, videos and exciting stories. It is so good we never have enough of it. We stare into our screens for hours every day, which they want us to do. They want us to stay on their platforms hence their acquisitions, to track absolutely all aspects of our lives and control what and when we see and what will reach us…

Seamus Slater

Encyclopedia Of Useless Knowledge And Wisdom, Writer, Internet Marketer, With Slight Allergy To Facebook https://slatercloud.online

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